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Free SCAL cut files I designed for you…

This is where I post some free cut files and occasional coupons. Check back often because I will keep changing the freebies periodically, the links you see here today might not be here.

~ Remember if you would like to continue to see free cut files and coupons please leave a comment. ~

Happy Cutting and Sweet Blessings to all


* These graphics and pictures are protected by Copyright law. Please feel free to add them to your own personal scrapbooks and craft projects. I do enjoy creating these and sharing them and I would appreciate that if you would like to share the files to please just link back to this blog. Designs are not to be used for commercial purposes without my consent. This means you may not reproduce any drawings, ideas or any other intelectual property on here to generate income for yourself or a company.



I love daddy

Click this icon to download SCAL fileI love daddy SCAL image


CARNATIONCarnation Image

Click on image below to download the SCAL file.



Sweet Jar

Have fun cutting this out and filling it with colorful whimsical sweet candy.


Click on the thumbnail below to download SCAL cut file .



Monday Madness Freebie

Candy Sweet


Click on thumbnail image below to download the cut file.



Here it is, in honor of April fools day a jesters hat .scut file when you download it make sure to look for the tumbling jester appear with the file he’s cute (this was a fun one to make). Well have fun today!   Remember to comment.JeSTeR’s HaT FREE  .scut file

Click on photo to download




  • If you are snagging these please leave a comment to let me know you want to keep seeing free cut files and coupons appear here. Thanks

COUPONS: To Print coupons without having to print the entire page       Right click on your mouse and select print picture from the list.

Print some coupons and save.  If you are like me the more coupons you have the more you buy too.   :)


56 Comments so far
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Thank you so much for the dandelion scut. I love to use these types of cuts for cards.

Comment by Ann

You are very welcome. Enjoy using it!

Comment by painted hands

Lovely. Will truly add a nice touch to a card.

Comment by Chris

Thanks for the free dandelion scut file and congratulations on getting your scissors.

Comment by Diane N

beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Sunny

Thank you for the dandelion scut file. And for all of the coupons! I’ve never seen such a complete listing of all of the coupons available that are “current”. Thank you so much.


Comment by Pat

You are welcome and I am glad to see that everyone can use them. I am happy to enable my fellow crafters and bargain hunters.

Comment by painted hands

Thank you for this file. I appreciate the files that others, who are really creative , share with we NOT so creative people……..LOL Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing……………………
Sharon F.

Comment by Sharon

You are welcome and thank you for the kind words. I’ll keep creating and posting.

Comment by painted hands

Thank you so much for the free dandelion download! Can’t wait to use it!

Comment by Wendy Petrie

Thanks so much for sharing – yahoo ate some of my mail, so I lost my coupon to Joann’s.

Comment by Dee Yates

It’s that cyber gremlin must have gotten hungry again it does that to me once in a while too. Have fun shopping

Comment by painted hands

you rock for putting this together, may I put you on my blogroll?

Comment by thefrugalcrafter

you are welcome and feel free to add me to your blog roll. :)

Comment by painted hands

Thanks for the files! They are great…I want to figure out something to use the dandelions…love them!

Comment by Mary

You are very welcome … maybe you can use it with the next file I am designing ……. it’s thisles. I have no idea why I am drawn to creating weeds right now…hmmm maybe a premonition of things to come in our yard …. E-gads!

Comment by painted hands

love this and thanks for the coupons!!!

Comment by scrappinkay

Thanks for the files!

Comment by Julie

Thank you so much for your bird file. You are so talented!

Comment by Brenda

thanks for the kind words and I hope you have fun creating with it. I will be designing more bird patterns and cut files so make sure to come back for those.

Comment by painted hands

I just love this cirlce bird file! Thank you so much for sharing.


Comment by Carmen

As a new user I really appreciate your file…they give me inspiration (and a use for my machine…LOL). Hopefully I can make some of my own one day…in the meantime…thank you for helping me see what can be done!

Comment by DKinnebrew

Thanks for sharing your cut files…these are great ! And I just grabbed some coupons to use this week for easter basket goodies – thanks for those too.

Comment by Laura :)

you are welcome and here’s wishing you warm Easter blessings…. well I hope it’s warm here at least!

Comment by painted hands

love the coupons, thanks!

Comment by thefrugalcrafter

Thanks for sharing, it is great to see the things that can be done with scal, especially to a newbie like me.

Comment by Donna

Thanks! Love the bird cut file!

Comment by Lissa B

thank you for the birdie file. I can’t use the coupons cause I live in Hong Kong…and it makes me sooo jealous that we don’t have any great craft stores like the States. oh well. at least I have a cricut!

Comment by Mary HK

Don’t you just love the internet ! you can feel close even if you are miles away. It works both ways because you have deals there in Hong Kong that we can’t get here either. Have fun with the cut files.

Comment by painted hands

I love the bird in the circle! That would be a beautiful card font! THanks

Comment by Tamara

Thanks nice files

Comment by Jill

Thank you so much for all the work you do. I have not used the file yet but I will soon. I plan to use the bird file and the dandelions.

Comment by Gladys

thanks for sharing your handy work.
The coupons too how handy!!

Comment by Ramona

Thank for for sharing the freebies! I appreciate all your hard work!!

Comment by Jami

Thank you for sharing the freebies I think you did a great job

Comment by Cynthia

thank you for sharing your lovely freebees, good work, Els

Comment by Els

i would like to DL one (or more ) of your cut files but I have a mac. when I click on DL from mediafire it comes up as a bunch of gobblygoook letters and NOT an actual picture. Is there a way to DL to my mac??

Comment by Steph

Hi I am sorry that you can’t download the files unfortunately I am very new to the MAC so I am not sure what to do. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know.

Comment by painted hands

Thank much for the free cut files, they will be great for my cards. Is there a way to get the cut file for you summer word book with out taking you class?

Comment by Charlene Wilde

The carnation is just what I wanted! Thanks so much, and please keep the free files coming.


Comment by sopranoannie

thanks for the father’s day freebie. i love it.
such talent
susan de

Comment by Susan Deplanche

Thanks for your generosity. We are new grandparents, so I will alter this to indicate Grandpa. Thanks. Dd

Comment by Deedee Marschall

I got the Dad file – thank you!!

Comment by Kay

Thanks for the daddy file, love it. TFS. Tracy

Comment by Tracy

thank you for sharing your lovely designs.

Comment by Els

Wow you sure have gotten quit the response from this. Good Job Row! I wonder if I could actually cut these with my shilouette? I think I’m going to try it sometime. Thank You!

Comment by Angela Christenson

Thank you for sharing your work. These are lovely. I can’t wait to try them.

Comment by Beth

this is a great file. I have a good use for it. thanks for sharing.

Comment by katryce

Great file I love daddy thank you for sharing your work with us.

Comment by Wendy

You Go Girl!!!!! Love your work!! Thanks!!!!

Comment by Sandy

Thanks for the free files. They will make beautiful cards!

Comment by Sandy H.

Thank you for your daddy file. Nice addition to my silhouettes.


Comment by Carmen

I love these files. Thank you so much for sharing with us again! You’re designs are so different and very usuable in making scrapbook pages and for those that make card.

Comment by Donna Riggins

Thank you for your genorousity and your great enthusiasm it really spurs me on

Comment by ros mcpartlin

Thanks so very much for your generosity in sharing your work. Your designs are wonderful!

Comment by edith

Thanks so much for sharing your files they are really lovely!

Comment by Yvonne

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