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Sticking with the green theme…magnet and card project with freebies of course
05/06/2009, 4:03 pm
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Hi everyone my apologies for this being posted so late in the day. Our Internet connection went kaput! I blame it on the construction zone happening just at the back of our house. I think they dug too deep. Well anyway now that we are up and running again if you can call the connection going up and down running.  (not at 100 percent at all) but it will have to do.

I want to share my project for today. I reused a magnet used by businesses to promote their wares and I also used packaging that was used for some of my stickers. First of we have the magnet here and all I did was peel off the advertising that was on it and I then looked around my stash of odds and ends and found some scrap material which I adhered to the front of th emagnet and little bits and pieces of scrap paper and corrugated cardboard (also obtained from packaging) and of course my extra prints of my digital stamp from Lindsay’s shop. Here it is all pu together. I just basically wanted to show everyone that you can decorate those magnets that are less attractive to look at to holld precious artwork or pictures of  your loved ones.

Magnet day 2 green week


Here is a picture of the magnet holding up one of my little man’s creations on our refrigerator.

Day 2 magnet w artwork


Next project is a card that utilizes the clear packaging that some of my stickers came in. What I did was send the packaging material right through my printer and printed out an image of a tree (which is free to download at the end of this post) I use this a lot to get the effect of an overlay without having to buy that expensive overlay material.

Day 2 card

 Here is an image of the card when I slipped a piece of white paper behind the tree  so you can see that it is a translucent material. Happy creating! and I hope our internet connection will be up at running at 100 percent soon. I had another project and freebie but with us going up and down it takes hours to upload and do anything on the computer. It’s like being back in the dark ages before high speed service. :)IMG_6933

Now for the freebies you can download the free tree image here.

and of course the digital stamp is still free until Thursday you can download that here.


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Oh what a GORGEOUS card!!! LOVE it and the files you created are SO cute!!!! Thank you so much for sharing them!!! Have a blessed day!!!

Comment by Penny Duncan

A-dor-a-ble! I love the magnet, how fun!

Comment by thefrugalcrafter

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