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What can I make with this?
28/04/2009, 1:09 am
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Have you ever thought about showing your face when you talk? LOL! Anyways….cant wait to see what you can make from that.
Not sure if replying to your message yesterday went through so I will ask you again on here. Would you want to go to the shop to do some scrapping on friday night? Let me know…I’d like to do some creating. I see you like country music. So do I. Talk to you later.

Comment by Angela Christenson

show my face?…why you already know how I look like LOL ….just stay tuned in, It may happen sooner than you think. :)

Comment by painted hands

BTW your doing a great job with this whole blog thing and the making of videos. what program are you using for video editing?

Comment by Angela Christenson

Just WMP for now. I tried using imovie but I am so new to the MAC world (2 weeks) that I just don’t have time for exploring it right now.

Comment by painted hands

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