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What crafty thing can I make with this…
11/04/2009, 10:39 am
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Ok so what did you make with it?

I just got home today….around 11a.m. and then my parents called and took me out to Texas Roadhouse for lunch…yummie! Then we came back here to my place and watched the movie called Not Easily Broken . It was pretty good. But the movie called Rachels getting married…don’t even bother…even the filming sucked. So now I’m watching my recorded episodes of Days from Thurs. and Fri. and waiting for the oven to preheat to make a pizza.
I found some cool file folders over the weekend. With houndstooth print at Walmart so I got some.
I worked on my scrapbook from our trip to Michigan over the weekend..I cant wait to finish it so that I can post the pics. I’m making it out of a Liscense plate. You’d be so proud.
I am sooooo mad…. I picked up a new mat for my shilouette cutter so that I’d have a bran spankin’ new one to work with over the weekend, I cut one piece of paper with it … and when I went to put a new piece of paper on it there was no tackiness left for it to stick. The paper was sliding all over the place…so I had to drive an hour out of my way to go get some repositional tape just to use the darn thing. I will be contacting quickutz thats for sure. tomorrow! And I will be calling the store I got it from to see if I can return it in exchange for a new one.
Sooooo how was your weekend away?

Comment by Angela Christenson

I am really curious to see what you come up with, because I myself have wondered about what I could do with them as well. I have thrown many of them away and each time I do it, I think I should have saved it and tried to make something of it. But at the time, I’m usually not feeling crafty. It would make a cute pencil holder, but that’s a little too obvious I guess. I hope you can come up with something cool!

Comment by Tamara Bennett

I keep saving them and it’s driving my DH nuts so I had to find something to do with them before he cleared my stash…make sure you come back to see the finished products oh yeah! I came up with more than one…

Comment by painted hands

Ooooooo… I would be sooooo upset if I were you. So did you call? Did you get it exchanged?…how odd that it didn’t have any adhesive on it…but that sounds like something that would happen to me… It’s like when I line up in a chekout line and pick what looks to be the shortest line then it ends up taking FOREVER! for some reason or how about when I grab an item off the shelf and wouldn’t you know it’s the ONE item that does not have the price tag on it…arrrghhhh! … it figures

Comment by painted hands

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