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A fun file folder mini album
01/04/2009, 1:19 am
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That was a really cool video. I’ll definately have to try that sometime.
Ooooh I’ve got plenty …..plenty of projects to work on. Until the end of next year…LOL! It really felt nice to see the sun for a short time today.
My boyfriend and I just finished watching Marley and Me. It was good but I was a slobbering cry baby at the end. Tomorrow we will have to watch the other movie I rented.. Seven Pounds with Will Smith. I hope its good.
I loved your create sign in the background of your video.
Did you get your car back yet?

Comment by Angela Christenson

Thanks. Awwww I wanted to see Marley but everyone warned me not to since I / we are still very sad about the loss of our furry baby Golden. I think I’ll have to watch it anyways it looks cute. Oh! I am a Will Smith fan ;) No car for me :( I guess the part had to come from Germany or something it was not something they have seen before sheeesh! Have fun watching the movie.

Comment by painted hands

oh I love making mini books and ablums
this was realy neat. I just got my folder but havnt made it yet, I think this weekend would be a great time for me
I just wish I would have found folders like yours.
thanks for the Video.

Comment by Jeanette Munson

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