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Cricut class ALERT!!!

Are you looking to make a fun and special scrapbook for you or someone special? Well this is your chance  You don’t want to miss this!  


I am currently scheduling a Cricut class (word book) in conjunction with our LSS (local scrapbook store) and I can’t wait until you see what we have in store for you! I have been working and tweaking the design of the book that we are going to be creating. SUPER CUTE!

Well, keep your calendars handy and I will post the dates and times as soon as we have that finalized. It will be sometime in MAY …. 

Until then happy creating…


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I was thinking about you on Sat. My boyfriend and I went to Moys and the roads were getting crappy. So I knew you weren’t going to have any fun driving in that.

Thanks for stopping by my blog… I’m glad you liked my pen roll up. I want to make more and possibly sell them in my Etsy shop. I plan to work on the rest of my book that I was working on when I was in the shop on sat. throughout the week. That is if I can pull myself away from this darn computer. LOL!!! As I’m sure you know the feeling.

Soooo when you get your flyer all made up about your class that your teaching send me a copy via e-mail so that I can put a posting up at work. I’m going to start doing stuff like that to start promoting my etsy shop.

I see you’ve changed a few things on your blog…it’s coming along and lookin’ good!

Talk to you soon!

Comment by Angela Christenson

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