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Cropin’ by the lake…

We had a beautiful day here today. The sun was shining and there was just enough breeze to feel alive and energized! It was a beautiful setting for the weekend crop. The view from the balcony was peaceful and I met a lot of great and wonderful ladies who definitely made the day a lot brighter. Despite some setbacks on the technical front due to computer hicccups we managed to get through it and had fun in the process. We touched on designing with the basic shapes found in the George cartridge and how much you can create with it. I wanted them to see all the hidden possibilities that were there. I also wanted to show them how vinyl works with the Cricut and just how easy it is to use. It was supposed to just give them tidbits of information to see where everyone’s interests lay. I hope that I was able to let them see things in a different way and that they walked away and learned something from it all (even if it was just a little something) All in all I would say that it was a good afternoon spent with great company.
I look forward to having more fun in the future when we can create and finish entire projects in classes to come.


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HI Rowena, thanks to you and the afternoon i spent with you….i am now a proud owner of a new laptop and CDS owner. My parents got them for me as a great girft on April 15th. I rememberd everything you taught me… and am signing up for your newsletters.. and just so excited. Thanks again.

Comment by Jen Arnheim

OMGoodness! Hi Jen it is so nice to hear from you. It was so much fun meeting you that weekend and CONGRATULATIONS! on your new laptop and CDS WOW! what cool toys you have to play with. AWESOME!!!

Comment by painted hands

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