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Free Dandelion .scut file
31/03/2009, 7:39 pm
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Free .scut for use with SCAL dandelions.

Click on the photo to download.

free .scut dandelion


New coupons and freebies posted

Hi everyone I have some coupons and a free .scut file posted under the freebies tab so make sure to check it out.


THIS blog thing sure takes time…

OK so I have been putting this blog together and trying to figure out how everything works. First I was on Blgr. but then that presented frustrations for me because I wanted to customize the templates and it was just getting too frustrating to figure out ways around it. So here I am on word press and I Love it. So far so good. (knock on wood…knock!knock!) I’m sure it would have went a lot faster if I wasn’t so fussy about things. Now I have to figure out how to add a file to my blog. Wish me luck…here goes nothing…

Cricut class ALERT!!!

Are you looking to make a fun and special scrapbook for you or someone special? Well this is your chance  You don’t want to miss this!  


I am currently scheduling a Cricut class (word book) in conjunction with our LSS (local scrapbook store) and I can’t wait until you see what we have in store for you! I have been working and tweaking the design of the book that we are going to be creating. SUPER CUTE!

Well, keep your calendars handy and I will post the dates and times as soon as we have that finalized. It will be sometime in MAY …. 

Until then happy creating…

Iam now an official Fiskateer !!!

I am super excited I got  my official fiskateer scissors in the mail this week! If you are wondering what a fiskateer is we are ambassadors for crafting and for fiskars of course! basically you just belong to a community moderated by fiskars and share ideas thoughts and projects using all of the different products produced by fiskars. I have been officialy accepted about a year ago but I just recieved my official orange and green fiskar scissors with my fiskateer # engraved on it!  How Cool is that!  just hought I would share my exciting news see you later.

24/03/2009, 5:05 am
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OK so I am still up and awake and as I look at my family soundly and peacefully sleeping jealousy comes over me. (sigh) I wish I could just lay my head on a pillow and be out in seconds. I tend to be more alert at night and I am not sure why. I just read somewhere that it’s actually a condition where people are most productive starting at 2:00 a.m I can’t remember what they called it, but maybe that’s what I have. Well I will try to lay down once again and see if I can drift off this time if not I will be back playing on the computer.

Acronyms around the Cricut circuit
24/03/2009, 3:26 am
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If you are new to the Cricut world you might wonder about some of the “words” you hear people saying SCAL or .cut or CDS and you might think are they speaking in code or what? Well here are some of those “words” which are really acronyms for some of the terms floating around there:

  • CDS = Cricut Design Studio
  • DS = another term for design studio
  • SCAL = Sure Cuts A Lot
  • .cut file = this is a file created with the CDS :) (see above)
  • .scut file  = file created with Sure Cuts A Lot
  • SVG = stands for Scalable Vector Graphics ( technology for rendering complex Web graphics and page layouts)
  • Inkscape = a freeware program that is a Vector Graphics Editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator, that strives to be SVG Compliant.